How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Holiday Break ?

School holidays are not always easy for parents… If they are bored, the children are noisy and make it known. No question of leaving them in front of the television all day to “stay quiet” nor of letting them do what they want under the pretext that they are on vacation. It is indeed essential to offer them activities adapted to their age and not to disturb their habits. So here’s list of some ideas for things kid can do on their own, or with a parent or caregiver until the holiday break is over.

Creative activities

If the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities, organize creative activities at home. The ideal would be to plan a program for the week with an idea for an outing or creative workshop each day. For example, organize a drawing contest on a particular theme (draw his favorite superhero, his family or the house of his dreams…), print coloring pages and teach him not to exceed with his colored pencils. The goal: to entertain your child while awakening their artistic side.

Same with the paint. If the day before your child made a nice drawing, offer to paint it the next day. Prepare a table with all the necessary accessories to make him want to get started, in a setting and a favorable environment.

You can also offer him to invite one of his class friends (especially if he does not have brothers and sisters of the same age). Let them play board games, or simply with small characters (toddlers are not lacking in imagination and like to tell stories).

Snack time can also be transformed into a culinary workshop! Why not prepare an apple pie or a chocolate cake together: it’s up to him to put the flour, eggs and other ingredients, and mix everything! When he comes to the table, he will be proud to say that he prepared the cake himself! Don’t hesitate to put him in the shoes of a “little chef” with hat and apron… and why not with background music to cook in a good mood…

Fun activities

Take him to the zoo by explaining the country of origin of the animals, their eating habits, and their particularities.

Exhibitions for children designed to arouse their curiosity about the world around them… Here is an interesting idea for an outing during the holidays! The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, for example, offers many workshops dedicated to experimentation and discovery for children aged 2 to 12 years.

Many other activities are offered for toddlers. The ideal: to make him discover new universes, to make him aware of areas he does not yet know, in order to initiate him, to awaken his senses and his curiosity.

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